Timang Beach/Island

Timang beach  or Timang Island
Located at Gunung Kidul Regency is a beach attraction is a region at the boundary between the sea and the land (Timang Island ) , that could be reach by 2,5 hours from Jogjakarta City by private transport. Timang Beach offer the most spectacular panoramic view of Indian Ocean on the southe of Java Island.

How to visit Timang Island ?
To visit Timang island from the parking area visitors are required to replace the transport that takes from Jogjakarta with local transport by jeep or by taxi motorcycle because it will pass through the sharp rocky limestone road for 30 minutes, after arriving at the location of Timang Beach, to reach Timang Island visitors can choose to ride the traditional cable gondola  with traditional cable gondola operated by local people or pass through by  a cable bridge.

Tour itinerary
07.00 leave hotel and depart to Gunung Kidul, region where Timang Beach located
10.00 arrive at the village, where we should take Jeep to reach Timang island
10.30 arrive at Timang Beach, and to enjoy your adventure to reach timang island you can ride cable gondola that run by man powered or walking and passing through ocean to Timang beach by cable bridge
13.00 back to hotel
16.00 arrive at hotel

Tour inclusions
1. Transport (mpv tipe coach, driver, fuel and parking fees)
2. Jeep to reach Timang Bacah from van parking slot

Total Price based on tour for group of
– single traveler cost IDR 1.050.000
– 2 Persons cost IDR 530.00/person
– 4 person cost IDR 300.000/person

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