Jomblang Cave

Goa Jomblang or Jomblang Cave
is vertical cave, seem as as a huge sinkhole, has 80 meters depths, when in the middle day the Sunshine  flooding in through the hole in the roof of the cave create a heaven light. It located at Gunung Kidul Regency is on a karst region, it could be reached two hours from Jogjakarta City by private transport.

How to visit Jomblang Cave ?
To visit Goa Jombalang visitors are no longer required to use  the single rope technique because the cave management has provided service to send you by rope to the bottom of the cave manually with manpower one by one.
At the bottom of the cave visitors can see the beauty of the cave consisting of stalagmites and stalactites and down the river underground and what if you are lucky to witness the sunlight that enters through the hole above the visible cave as the light of heaven